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Sarah Kofman

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USM’s Fight Club aims to educate on stage combat safety

Stage combat must perform two opposing tasks simultaneously: feeling dangerous to the audience while being completely safe for the cast and crew.  To achieve these...

Under the Needle: how Hattiesburg’s tattoo culture affects USM’s Nursing students

As Hattiesburg’s tattooing industry grows around the University of Southern Mississippi, students have more access than ever to tattoos. But how will industries with...

Does caffeine dependency negatively affect college students?

Caffeine is the lifeblood of the college experience for many Southern Miss students, fueling everything from early morning classes to late-night study sessions. But when...

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Southern Miss Television: Episode 7

Students love being heartbroken over Adele’s ‘30’

(Graphic by Charlie Luttrell) Charlie Luttrell Adele is back after a...
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