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SAPA will “Walk A Mile” to raise money for crisis intervention

In an effort to raise money for the Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention, the Sexual Assault Prevention Ambassadors (SAPA), along with the Interfraternity Council...

OLLI at USM invests in lifelong learning

Life is full of learning experiences. Humans naturally enjoy learning and diving deeper into their passions. There are few other organizations that understand this...

Southern snowstorm leaves students powerless

When it snows in the south, it creates an uproar of excitement among many of its residents. Because snow is so rare for many...

Students talk missed opportunities, new vaccine as COVID turns one

Even a year after COVID-19 rocked the world, college students everywhere are still trying to adjust to a new normal.  Hattiesburg got its first official...

Kids Hub gives kids space for a brighter future

Child abuse is still a rampant problem in the world. Kids Hub Child Advocacy Center, a non-profit child advocacy organization in Hattiesburg, MS, hopes...

Students talk unconventional families

What a traditional American family looks like is a married man and woman with two and a half kids. Maybe the traditional family has a white picket fence as well. However, this is not always the case. Three college students opened up about how different their lives are due to their families not being so traditional.

Southern Miss students battle sleep deprivation

Some people do not realize how beneficial sleep can be until they are deprived of it. As people grow older, the amount of stress in their lives develops, and some find it hard to fit sleep into their busy schedules.

Hattiesburg locals choose less, not a mess

As a society, Americans rely too much on possessions. Whether it is a fancy car, their favorite latte every day, or even just sentimental possessions, many individuals obsess about consuming. For others, minimalism offers an opportunity to be surrounded by only the things that spark joy and or what they absolutely need to survive.

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Southern Miss did not hold a lead in the...

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Southern Miss Football won against all odds as they...
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