Arts & EntertainmentThe Cult's Conscience: "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

The Cult’s Conscience: “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”


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Episode two of American Horror Story: Cult, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” did not disappoint on Tuesday night.

Here are my five key points and conclusions from the episode:

1. Twisty’s undefined role created confusion.

Yes, Twisty is back and this time in the opening scenes. Our killer clown appears multiple times throughout the episode, initially shown terrorizing Ozzy in his sleep. AHS: Cult has a keen emphasis on clowns, but the story is taking place in Michigan. I have outlined that Twisty is an immortal spirt, but I still cannot comprehend why his spirit chose to travel to Michigan all the way from Freak Show home Jupiter, Florida. What is his purpose here?

2. Kai for City Councilman: Can things get worse?

If you read last week’s Conscience, you will remember the side note of Kai being beaten by a group of Hispanics after he launched a urine filled condom in their direction. Conveniently, a video recording only showed the beating portion, portraying Kai as the victim. Kai his beating and Trump’s recent comments of Hispanics being “murderers and rapists” to justify his decision to run for city council and fix immigration issues among other things. Councilman Chang was one of the neighbors murdered by the group of clowns last week, and was interestingly also the outspoken chair calling out Kai at the town hall. Now, Kai Anderson is running to take over his seat. He undoubtedly has something to do with these clowns, right?

3. New neighbors.

Billy Eichner makes his first appearance in AHS:vCult this week as the mysterious, bee-keeping neighbor named Harrison Wilton. Finally, the bee hive theme has presented itself. Harrison is married to his wife, Meadow, who both moved into the murder-suicide house immediately after the incident due to apparent credit issues. On another note, we eventually find out that Harrison is homosexual. Apparently the two had a pact to get married after 35 if they were still single, and here they are now. The couple is one of many odd tendencies, while also remaining hospitable. Harrison and Meadow lend Ally a firearm for protection, and when in need (this part is coming later) they present Ally with bee-wax candles to provide necessary light in what Ally sees as frightening darkness.

4. Kai-Ally interactions continue.

Kai just so happens to run into Ally’s home while campaigning for his upcoming city council race. He essentially compares himself to Hitler at one point (not really the way to campaign these days I would hope) and purposefully tries to strike fear into his listener. Kai notices Ally’s possession of a weapon behind her newly installed steel, barred door. From there, Kai senses her fear and attempts to exploit it. He passive-aggressively tries many times to force his way inside – all unsuccessful. His final quote was, “It’s so easy until it’s you they’re coming for.”

5. Terror attacks: Are they real? If so, is it Russia, Isis or clowns?

Nearing the end of this week’s episode, the neighbors alert Ally (who is of course at home without her wife Ivy) of a serious terrorist attack that caused at least eight states to “go dark.” They advise her to stay inside and provide her with long lasting bee-wax candles due to power outages. The culprit of these attacks is unknown, if they’re even real at all. Then, as expected in the darkness of Ally’s home, the clowns show themselves once again. As she’s on her way out to escape the clowns with Ozzy, she shoots at what she thought was an intruder. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, this death isn’t detrimental, but I’ll let you find out on your own.

Catch American Horror Story: Cult, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.


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