Two map turtles species move one step closer to Endangered Species Act protection in Mississippi, Louisiana

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to decide on Endangered Species Act protection for Pascagoula and Pearl River map turtles by Oct. 29, 2021.

Mississippi artists share hope during COVID-19

While the spring is usually filled with concerts, festivals and markets for fans to attend, the pandemic has unfortunately put that all on hold.

Christians adapt to Easter away from church

For the Christian community, Easter is a time of reflection as they dig deeper into the love of Christ. In the middle of pandemic fears, churches and believers around the Hattiesburg community are still worshipping, whether through Zoom video chats or Facebook Live streams.

Healthcare professionals protect, warn against COVID-19

With a lack of adequate supplies throughout the nation, healthcare workers are struggling to protect themselves from the virus.

Professors discuss working in predominantly male fields

It is no secret that there are majors, fields and careers that are either perceived as or statistically proven to be male-dominated. Even in 2020, there are women who face challenges in their work and studies due to their gender.

Study abroad group returns early with mixed emotions

At Southern Miss, alongside summer study abroad postponements, the spring semester Château Program has ended abruptly.

YAL member responds to Jones free speech controversy

In February 2019, a case erupted out of Ellisville that gained local and national attention. The case sparked a national conversation on the state of free speech on college campuses.

Theatre professor talks life, changes

If he is not teaching a class or helping a theatre student work through a design, Professor Stephen Judd can be found working in his office with the door slightly cracked open. The board beside his door has welcoming pleasantries beside a big red-and-black United Campus Workers Union sticker.

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Southern Miss Television: Episode 7

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Students love being heartbroken over Adele’s ‘30’

(Graphic by Charlie Luttrell) Charlie Luttrell Adele is back after a six year hiatus with her new album, ‘30’. The 12-song...

Prioritizing mental health is beneficial for all

Due to the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of mental health concerns among college students has been...

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Southern Miss Television: Episode 7


Students love being heartbroken over Adele’s ‘30’

(Graphic by Charlie Luttrell) Charlie Luttrell Adele is back after a...