OpinionOpinion: Democratic Convention Nominates Biden-Harris

Opinion: Democratic Convention Nominates Biden-Harris


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The Democratic National Convention of 2020 held from Aug. 17 to Aug. 20 was completely different from those seen in the past. As the convention went fully online, no jeers or cheers of the crowd could be witnessed. However, the silence allowed a lot of personal stories of people from all walks of life to be incorporated. That included stories from farmers, essential workers, healthcare workers and Hollywood celebrities. Biden and Harris were officially nominated for the presidential and vice-presidential candidacy from by the delegates of the Democratic Party to topple the current incumbent, President Donald Trump. 

Trump was constantly ridiculed during the Convention for his indifference towards racial justice, as well as his poor leadership that helped to spread COVID-19. He was also blamed for defunding the post office right before the election, meaning many might not be able to vote. The Democratic Party reminded the citizens of the values such as liberty, welfare, justice and union that founded the United States of America, which are all being slandered and violated by Trump. 

On the first day of the convention, Senator Bernie Sanders criticized Trump for acting like a despot and paving the way for authoritarianism in the future. Sanders believed that the president had a lack of regard for science and no interest in saving small businesses or helping the unemployed, unlike Biden.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton personally nominated Biden for the presidency on the second day of the convention. Clinton gave a charismatic but brief speech to endorse and nominate Biden for the presidency. In addition to praising the Obama-Biden administration, he reminded voters that they should pick a President who focuses on job growth, investment in the innovative sectors of the economy, higher education, healthcare and paid family medical leave. Clinton claimed Biden will achieve all of these things as president, allowing the country to “build back better”.

Other distinguished guests that advocated for Biden included Caroline Kennedy, John Kerry and  Colin Powell. Their firsthand experience in diplomacy, politics and military service came in handy in urging voters to vote for Biden, as they believed that Trump lacked leadership in all these fields. Kerry and Powell in particular claimed that Biden would be the perfect Commander-in-Chief who, unlike Trump, would not hide in bunkers or easily fall prey to their adversaries.

As this convention was held on the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren gave speeches on women empowerment. Additionally, they addressed issues such as voting obstruction by Trump, gun violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, racial injustice and income inequality. 

Former President Barack Obama also shared his worries about the attenuation of democratic principles in the present administration, as initially inscribed in the nation’s Constitution by the Founding Fathers. To him, electing Biden and Harris will save the fate of democracy and American principles.

The convention covered various major activities that could be fulfilled by a president with Joe Biden’s set of skills. The only fault throughout all of this was his characterization of sadness over the current state of the world constantly restated. That could certainly win votes with lots of families grieving the deaths of their relatives, but this demonstration of frailty makes him look like a weak candidate in front of the unwavering President Trump. Still, his empathy may prove itself as his strongest weapon yet, if the Democratic Convention was any indication.

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