EntertainmentCar enthusiasts celebrate second Tri-County Showdown

Car enthusiasts celebrate second Tri-County Showdown


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People who are into automobiles often attend car shows so they can meet similar hobbyists and exchange tips, experiences and stories. No matter what kind of vehicle they are into, be it antique, modern, truck, motorcycle or race, car shows allow everyone to get together and showcase their unique ride.

One such event occurred last Saturday, Sept. 11, in New Hebron. The second annual Tri-County Showdown car show, hosted by the local car group the Tri-County Cruisers, was created to help support the local fire department.

“It’s a way for us to give some love to this little town and bring residents out,” said one Tri-County Cruisers member.

The show had about 40 plus participants. Cars and trucks of different makes and models surrounded guests, from pre-1950’s automobiles to a 2013 Camaro. The show also had a small craft festival next to where the cars were parked with live music by Mama Tried, Free Reign and 55 South. There were also jump houses for the kids and food vendors like a snow cone truck, a fish trailer and a hamburger/hot dog stand.

So, how does someone get into car shows, anyway? When asked, many of the owners said they got into cars when they were young.

“My dad worked on and painted cars, so ever since I could walk, we dealt with cars, just always enjoyed fooling with them,” said Tommy Myers, another participant.

Others got into car shows by hanging out with those who went to them.

“You can hang out with the wrong crowd, or you can hang out with a mediocre crowd like me,” said Thomas (Tony) McCoy.

One of the biggest appeals of car shows are the stories behind the cars displayed. McCoy, for example, owns a beautiful orange 1969 Chevy Camaro, decked out with black racing stripes from the hood to the trunk. He fell in love with Camaros when they first dropped in ‘67, and was thrilled to finally have enough money to buy one. 

However, the Camaro he bought 16 years ago is nothing like the one he has now. McCoy’s car was basically torn to pieces when he bought it. The more he worked on it, the more rust he found, so he had to replace almost all the sheet metal on the car. McCoy did get it to a point where it ran, though, and he even installed a faster engine for better driving.

McCoy’s work even managed to get his wife to like the car. At first, she was unhappy to have pieces of Camaro scattered all over the backyard, especially with all the work that had to be done on it. Nowadays, however, she sometimes rides along with him when he goes to different car shows, as proud of it as he is.

The show was not as big as some can get, but it was still an excellent turnout for a small town like New Hebron. The weather was beautiful, as the setting for the cars. If you’re interested in any other car-related events in New Hebron, the Tri-County Cruisers also hosts a Friday Night on Main Cruise-In every second Friday of the month, with free admission to anyone who wishes to participate. Be sure to keep up with their Facebook group at www.facebook.com/Tri.County.Cruisers for more info.

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