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Oak Grove Alums Assist Current Students During Walkout

On Friday, Aug. 21, crowds of Oak Grove High School students organized a walkout from school due to ignorant acts of racism being allowed during their senior run on the first day of school.

Mobile Street March

The Mobile Street March took place Saturday, June 13, 2020 beginning at Mobile Street and at Vernon Dahmer Park, continuing toward downtown...

LeBlanc’s unwavering vision for SGA stands strong

Olivia LeBlanc, 21, is a junior psychology/Spanish double major from New Orleans, LA. On April 1, she shared her emotions when realizing she won the Vice Presidency position running for it her second time.

Prompt Protests Against Petal Mayor’s Racist Remarks

On Wednesday, May 27, Petal Mayor Hal Marx made a series of racist public statements online regarding the death of George Floyd.

Southern Miss Protest in Solidarity for Black Lives Matter

On Wednesday, June 5, the Southern Miss student body, faculty and staff stood amongst one another in The District of USM’s Hattiesburg Campus to support Black Lives Matter in protesting racism and police brutality.

The Suffocating Anger George Floyd’s Life Sparked

I wish I wasn’t writing this piece, but was compelled to do so. I’m sick and tired of being a young black man always watching my back out of fear for incidents like this, where George Floyd had a knee on his neck for 8 minutes, as if he was a dog and not human.

Caution is not enough for students to return

The only way many students will feel comfortable is by rule enforcement to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is put at a halt.

Seniors adjust post-graduation plans

Now, after one month of staying inside and practicing social distancing, college seniors are taking big hits in their final weeks at school, including being unsure on how to move into the future and mourning the loss of their great last moments of collegiate fun.

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Students love being heartbroken over Adele’s ‘30’

(Graphic by Charlie Luttrell) Charlie Luttrell Adele is back after a...
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