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Opinion: Trump’s concession will save the nation

The United States of America is in utter chaos. Although the results of the presidential elections proclaim Joe Biden as the winner, current president Donald Trump still holds on to his belief that the election was full of irregularities and has denied its outcome. This has led to an unprecedented constitutional crisis, which sees severe consequences for the nation now and into the future.

Opinion: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in historic race

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris beat current President Donald Trump last week in the race for the White House.

Opinion: The final Presidential Debate results

The second and final presidential debate has ended, and it could be a focal point for undecided voters deciding how to cast their vote.

Opinion: Amy Coney Barrett clears another hurdle for Justice appointment

Last week, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was questioned on a wide range of topics during a four-day long hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Although she was grilled left and right, it was clear that the hearing was not about questioning her qualifications, but further bickering between Democrats and Republicans.

Opinion: We must prioritize mental health amid COVID-19

The destruction of the pandemic, however, is not over yet. The upsurge in mental health issues as a result is gradually becoming lethal, portending a darker future of psychological health to the public.

Vice-presidential debate should have covered more major issues

Senator Kamala Harris of California and Vice President Mike Pence participated in a less raucous debate on Oct. 7 to bring their campaign plans to the foreground.

Opinion: The Chief Justice race intensifies

President Donald Trump and other Republican senators got infected with COVID-19 this week after attending an event at the White House where Trump announced the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Opinion: Biden-Trump debate goes up in flames

The first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a complete waste of time.

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